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Cycling Tours

Skylines Cycling Tours. The ride of your life!

For each and every one of us, cycling brings back memories of some of our most thrilling childhood experiences. Now, we can feel again the same and even a superior thrill. All we need is a bicycle and Skylines!

Skylines Cycling Tours is a specialized tour operator which organizes cycling trips to selected destinations around the world. Our team consists of experienced travel professionals who also happen to love cycling, thus combining two passions in one.

We plan carefully every cycling tour by choosing routes which combine natural beauty with local attractions. We stay in beautiful hotels, enjoy meals in traditional restaurants with local specialties and we can also engage in other outdoor activities like rafting, hiking, mountain biking etc.

All of our tours are guided by an experienced team leader-cyclist who knows the chosen area and has designed the bicycle routes. We also have a minivan with a technician always ready to repair a puncture or any other mechanical failure. And what happens when one gets tired (or… feels a bit lazy)? They can always continue the tour from the minivan without missing out on the experience!


Guided Tours

If you like to travel in a group, meet people with similar interests and follow a structured daily program led by an experienced professional, then our guided tours are the appropriate solution for you.


In this type of tours, everything is organized to suit your needs: hotels, rental bikes (if you do not bring your own), routes, meals, luggage transfers, sightseeing and so on. Our guides organize tours and activities, highlight points of interest and are trained to immediately support you in case of mechanical failures or accidents.


Guides always work in teams of two persons. One leads the group and the other one drives the minivan which carries your luggage. This means that even the most challenging parts of a route can be covered by all participants (since whoever has difficulties with the route, can board the van for as long as necessary).

What is included in the tours?

The basic services in our cycling tours are the following:

Self-Guided Tours

For those who wish to have greater independence in their journey, but also support, when needed, we can propose self-guided tours. We recommend destinations, plan together your route and take care of hotel reservations and equipment transportation, according to your wishes and budget. Thus, you combine complete independence and flexibility in your trip with the support of experts in its design and implementation!