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Inbound Travel – DMC

Greece & European Mediterranean countries

Traveling in Greece and the European Mediterranean countries can be one of the most complete and fulfilling experience in one’s lifetime. But… where to go and what to do? The possibilities are, literally, thousands. This is why, at SKYLINES we created a very special department which has all the answers for traveling in the Europe-Mediterranean region.

The people of this department are specialists who constantly visit destinations in the Mediterranean and recommend only places they have been to, loved and would like to visit again. Everything else is left out! Our people are not alone in their effort. They have “local insiders” by their side, passionate hospitality professionals who live in various Greek and Mediterranean destinations and have a deep understanding of their region and its secrets. These local insiders are not only the most valuable allies of our travel experts, but also help all our customers reach new levels of travel satisfaction!

The collaboration of our people with our local insiders does wonders for our customers, who are taken to journeys, never experienced before. Secret beaches, thrilling adventures, visits to historic monuments, spectacular walks in the nature, undiscovered new restaurants full of gastronomic delights, visits to the hottest nightclubs without waiting at queues, places with the most romantic and breathtaking views and much more, are all on the check list!

And because, such marvels must be enjoyed with the topmost peace of mind, we, of course, take care and organize all the necessary reservations and travel details.

How we do it

Our concept is based on one to one communication. We will design your full experience together, according to your particular likes and desires. Our tours and itineraries are never random. They have already been tried and approved by our team of experts and are now considered worth sharing with our customers!

We know the best time of the year to visit every place and we literally cover every inch of Greece and the Mediterranean, thus satisfying even the most demanding dreams!

Of course, if the customers have already decided where to go, we provide them with all the services they may need, such as hotel accommodation, transportation, car rentals, tickets etc. which they can book online at the best prices ever. Furthermore, we get amazing rates from our partners and can promote unbeatable flash offers.

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